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Bright Ed Media & Consulting partners with Christian and independent schools across Australia to provide strategic planning, content and school marketing assistance.

Bright Ed Media is a full-service school marketing agency offering individualised, cost-efficient and results driven strategies for your school marketing, enrolment, governance, and leadership recruitment. With over 30 years’ experience in Christian and Independent schools as well as the political, church and NGO sectors, we pride ourselves on offering strategic and honest advice, high-quality solutions and uplifting content that makes a difference.  

Every school has a story to tell, and our philosophy is to help you tell it in the best way possible through exceptional brand creation and development. At Bright Ed our focus is to create and present strategies which maximise your brand, culture and vision by providing mentoring, coaching and content solutions to achieve school growth.

We understand that the cost of retaining existing enrolments is cheaper than gaining new ones, so we work hard to not only broaden your reach for potential enrolments but also strengthen your relationship with existing families.

We consider ourselves an agency with a difference. We work alongside you, share in your vision, and make your goals our own. We offer flexible services to meet the needs of any school size, budget or goal. Whether you’re operating with or without a marketing team, we are here to support your needs. 

We look forward to partnering with you to make a difference in the lives of your students and school community.

How we work with Marketing Teams:

We support and consult with your existing marketing team to broaden their scope, reach and abilities. We are all about collaborating with your team members to strategise and implement best practice marketing strategies. We assist by empowering and complementing your marketing team to help achieve your marketing and growth goals.

Popular services for schools with existing marketing teams:
  • Marketing & Enrolment Audits & Plans
  • Social Media Strategy
  • SEO
  • Campaign & Content Creation (including enrolment films, campaign photography, brand refresh, graphic design and more) 
  • Website Re-Design and Development
  • Strategy and Consulting
  • Staff Training & Professional Development
  • Surveys and gathering/analysing data

Don’t have a dedicated Marketing Team yet?

Not in the position to employ a full marketing team yet? No problem! If you are smaller or still in a growth phase of your school, we have subscription packages which are a fraction of the amount you would need to hire a full-time (or even part-time staff member). The benefit of our packages are that you get a ‘little of everything’! We work with many schools who find our packages are the perfect fit for what they are trying to achieve at a price they can afford. 

Working with an agency like us means you get all of the expertise, quality content, and marketing assistance without the expense of hiring a full time employee. We also go beyond the realm of an agency in that we genuinely come aboard your vision and mission and make your goals our own. 

Popular services for schools without a marketing team:
  • Film, Photography and Graphic Content Creation
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategies
  • All-Inclusive Subscription Packages for Small Schools 
  • Fixed Price Websites Solutions (Budget Friendly)
  • Marketing & Enrolment Audits & Plans

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