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Bright Ed Media & Consulting partners with Christian and independent schools across Australia to provide strategic planning, content and school marketing assistance.

Enrolment Process Revision

A clearly defined plan for enrolment is imperative for a school’s success. In an effort to create real quantifiable success, our team will partner with you to set goals, identify resources, and develop the tools needed for the future. Our method is to work in both short and long-term goals throughout the process as a means to maintain momentum and achieve the desired results.

Maximise Marketing Systems

A focused and powerful marketing strategy is paramount in today’s climate. The first step is for us to collaboratively outline your identity, story, and audience to clarify the message and optimise reach. With so many marketing outlets, it will remain important for us to focus on word-of-mouth marketing and measurable online strategies that will produce growth.

Creative Problem Solving

Every school presents unique opportunities and challenges. In some cases, it may involve dissention in the leadership and staff culture. Some school struggles with building community within the school and others with retention. Often times, there is a lack of clarity and organisation when it comes to enrolment and marketing plans. No matter the problem, we will determine the underlying cause and creatively develop solutions to whatever your school is struggling with.

Leadership Coaching

The most important part of accomplishing your goals is understanding who you are as a school and we know that every school is unique.  In order to facilitate the best goal strategies for your school, we will comprehensively assess your current strategies and processes. Once we determine a baseline, we will be able to help you execute your goals through sessions with a personal coach who will be focused on the most important needs of your school.

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With over 30 years of experience working within the Christian and Independent School system, NGO’s, churches and business and political sectors, we deliver customised, professional solutions which build your school!

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Amy Lake
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