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4 Underestimated First Impression Areas that Lead to School Growth

In 2020, statistics showed that 86% of customers trust word-of-mouth reviews and recommendations (Review 42, 2020). In fact, these statistics go on to suggest that word of mouth promotion is the most trusted of all forms of marketing.


Church & School: Maintaining the relationship for lasting impact

The 2015 publication, “Mission Drift’ by Greer and Horst, painted a sad picture of Christian organisations that had not stayed true to their founding vision. Included in the book were...
Enrolments Leadership

Christian Schools: Open or Closed Enrolment?

To open or close your enrolments? That is the question. This particular question in fact has sparked debate for many years among educational institutions. Is there even a right and…

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Social Media: Safeguarding Your Staff

Can you remember life before social media? We could express ourselves in more than 140 characters, no one really knew or cared about what we were eating, ‘posting a photo’ involved a printer and a trip to the postbox and trolls were merely mythical creatures that existed only in fairytales.


Changing Principal? Do it right.

One of the most crucial times in a school is when a change of Principal occurs. Irrespective of the circumstances behind the change, the event may cause a level of…


Never Too Busy

As a Principal, Head of School, Marketing Manager or in any leadership position do you often find yourself saying to an employee or even a parent, “I’m too busy for…

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The Importance of Relationships in Creating a Positive School Culture

A principal was once discussing with us the trials and tribulation that he was going through in trying to ‘disengage’ from a difficult member of his teaching staff, perhaps one…

Human Resource Leadership

The Importance of Staff Stability

A significant factor in ensuring stability and growth in a school is a low staff turnover. With this data now readily available in compulsory published school reports, it is easier…